Easter Themed Pics 2

I got a lot of pics this time so I thought it would be best to divide them into two blog posts. šŸ™‚

She looks so tired. Like more?! Also she looks like she is trying to hatch the eggs in this one! lol. You are a puppy Ruby not a chicken! šŸ˜›
OMG the bow with the sparkle!!!!! *dies* She must be getting tired as she is even lower over the eggs now. This is a lot of work for a little baby! šŸ˜› I appreciate the work Ruby! Mommy loves you!
I love how she knows how to find her light!!! šŸ˜› My little model!
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

7 thoughts on “Easter Themed Pics 2

  1. Oh my freaking god. She is SO cute! She looks like a little lump, just sleepy and adorable!! I love her coloring! She’s got the eyebrow brown spots like Roxy does! It makes them look so expressive! I love that about Roxy! (My English Springer) I didn’t realize that she would have a little brown on her legs! AHHHH I LOVE IT! I am SO excited for you. I can’t wait to show my mom these photos!

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    1. So so cute! IKR? She likes when can I just go back to sleep?!

      So so cute! I love that she is mostly black and tan but has a tiny bit of white.

      O.o I missed that. *runs off to compare*

      Tell me every word of praise/cuteness she expresses. I am so vain about my puppy right now. lol.


      1. I learned some really cool things today about her.

        1. She is already paper trained. So she knows to go potty on newspapers *whew* Potty training just became infinitely easier.

        2. She is shy!!! You can kind of tell that from teh pictures but now I know for sure. She also has a shy sister! The sister has to fly to Winnepeg! O.o

        3. She doesn’t like flash on cameras. lol

        4. She doesn’t have a favorite toy. So I can experiment and find one for her. šŸ™‚

        5. She also hasn’t really eaten any treats. So I can find out her favorite for that too.

        I’m going to go a little crazy tomorrow. Well today since it’s now Monday and get the last few thigns I need for her. I still need a crate for her since I think the one I have is too big. Aparrently there has to be just enough room for her to stand up and turn around or she might potty in it.

        I still need a confiment playpen thing.

        I need to get her food. The breedr will give me a day or so worth of the stuff she is on now.

        I need toys! Lots of toys!

        Something for her to teeth on. So she isn’t as likely to gnaw on me.

        And some really cute outfits!!


      2. I am so excited for you. It’s really so much fun to learn about your dogs personality and everything. Yes, a crate is really helpful for when you are not there and when you first get her. It’s also hard to get a crate small enough for her right now because she will grow. When do you get her?

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