She is home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. She is now home! She has been here for about 12 hours now and has just been a dream.

She has the cutest little whine which she doesn’t use often. I don’t think I have heard her bark yet. She is a very quiet girl.

She has eaten some food and drank some water. She also went pee four times on her potty pad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was like two accidents before she figured out the potty pad and before we really started to try to keep a firm eye on her. She is doing really well. I’m currently waiting for her to poop.

I have some cute pics and a video but I can’t upload videos on here 😦

She was such a good girl on the ride home. She was in the car literally almost all day and she mostly slept. The breeder was a wonderful woman and gave us a lot of useful info. Ruby has such a sweet temperament and I am so grateful to the breeder for that.

She does have an issue right now where she has like an itchy bum or a sore bum. I think she is a bit constipated. She 100% doesn’t have worms as she has been wormed 3 times.

I didn’t get as many pictures of her as I would have liked as both my hands were full of a sleeping Ruby! I did take a few in the car and a few while she was playing with her favorite toy Gloworm!

So far she seems to love all the toys I bought her which is heartening. I want to be able to play with her. She has a kong, a gloworm and a teething ring. The teething ring is her second favorite object and we love it. No more biting toes Ruby! lol.

We have her room all set up now. We had a few last minute purchases to make yesterday due to bad planning we tried so hard to be completely ready and well… life.

The collar I bought her is a size to big so I’m going to buy a smaller one in the meantime. The harness also is too big and not the type we wanted to we will return it on Saturday or Tuesday because of the holiday.

She is currently sleeping as I write this. She is a tired pup. She cuddles up on the blanket the breeder gave us which smells like her brothers and sisters. Not mom. She also has a towel which smells like me because I held it most of yesterday.

She has a HUGE puppy pad. Well pee pad. It’s one of the unused peed pads my grandpa was using. Might as well use em up! lol

She has these cute water and food bowls too! Can’t wait to update this post with a ton of cute pics!

Easter Themed Pics 2

I got a lot of pics this time so I thought it would be best to divide them into two blog posts. 🙂

She looks so tired. Like more?! Also she looks like she is trying to hatch the eggs in this one! lol. You are a puppy Ruby not a chicken! 😛
OMG the bow with the sparkle!!!!! *dies* She must be getting tired as she is even lower over the eggs now. This is a lot of work for a little baby! 😛 I appreciate the work Ruby! Mommy loves you!
I love how she knows how to find her light!!! 😛 My little model!
Sooooooooooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!

Easter Themed photos!!

She looks so confused! lol. She’s like why am I next to eggs???
She’s like girl. I am done with this. lol. Or maybe it’s like heaven help me. lol.
She’s either like can I eat this or are these my babies and I have to protect them? lol. Still learning her facial expressions.
I sniffy this thing. What is it? Can I eat it?
Am I doing this right? Did I find my light? Are we doooooooooooooooone?

Date Confirmed

I got home finally yesterday and called the breeder ASAP. We have the date for pick up confirmed! It’s the 20th of April. Exactly 8 weeks since she was born.

Also confirmed her birth date! It’s February 23rd!

Also I am working really hard on getting pics. We are just having technical difficulties with them at the moment. Hopefully soon! *fingers crossed*